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Doppel allows you to discover your look-alikes (Doppels) in less than a minute! Compare your photos, chat with and share your matches, find celebrity look-alikes, compare yourself with family and friends, create and join Doppelgängs, check out other’s matches. Your Doppels are waiting for you!

Invite your Doppels to chat with a single click, and connect over your similarity!

Create & join groups (Doppelgängs) to find, compare and connect with other users. Create a group with your friends, your family, or join your school’s group!

Discover whether you look like Models, Internet Stars, K-Pop Stars, Actors, Musicians and more with our celebrity filters.

Create smooth face morph videos between you and your Doppels (also available within the Compare feature!). Drag the slider to see your transformation at different points! Then, share your morphs with friends and family.

Compare your selfies to those of family and friends! Simply submit a photo to compare to yours, and tap “Compare” to find out your % similarity. Then, share your results with family and friends.

Browse over 6000+ look-alikes found through Doppel in your feed, compare their photos, and vote on their similarity!

If you allow push notifications, we’ll notify you when other users matches with you, so even if you don’t find your Doppel at first, you can wait for them to find you! Plus, you can find out when you get invited to chat, to a group, or when you receive chat messages.

What are you waiting for? Create a profile, submit your selfies, and find your Doppels from around the world! It’s quick, easy and fun.

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