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TAFCOP Consumer Portal

The Telecom Analytics for Fraud management and Consumer Protection (TAF-COP) portal. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken several measures to ensure proper allocation of telecom resources by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to subscribers and protect their interests in ensuring reduction of frauds. As per existing guidelines, individual mobile subscribers can register up to nine mobile connections in their name.

This website has been developed to help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any. However, the primary responsibility of handling the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers.

The facilities provided in this portal are as under

  • Subscribers having more than nine multiple connections in their name will be intimated by SMS.
  • Subscribers having more than nine multiple connections in their name can – Click here, to take necessary action.
  • Go check the status Click here to login with your number and enter the “Ticket ID Ref No” in the “Request Status” box.

There are several instances where a subscriber’s SIM cards might be utilized by others for illegal or unlawful purposes. In such situations, the web portal will provide adequate clues to the subscriber.

The web portal shall detail the subscriber’s mobile SIM connections. In fact, a subscriber can request to block the SIM which is in their name and yet been used by others. It is to be noted that customer Acquisition of Mobile Connections Limits to Nine, Says DoT. And, the Telecom Web Portal Provides Clues to the Subscribers. 

TAF COP Portal Find the Number of SIMs on your Name

Although the Government allows mobile connections to be restricted to nine there are certain exceptions. In certain instances, subscribers are allowed to enroll for more than nine SIMs. The new services that are incorporated shall be extended to other circles in a step-by-step manner. A subscriber can check a mobile number by inserting an active number by making use of OTP on the web portal.

After which the department of telecommunications shall inform the subscriber whether mobile connections are working or not. With the information on mobile phones, subscribers can inform the telecom dept on web portal about non-usage of the SIM Card.

On receiving the request from the subscriber, the telecom service provider will block or deactivate the number. The telecom operator will issue the ticket ID and a subscriber can use it to track the process of request.

TAF-COP Portal

Telecom Service Providers must provide adequate telecom resources to the subscribers. In this issue, DoT has undertaken measures that make service providers provide proper services. The Telecom department takes all possible steps to protect the interests of the subscribers and ensures a reduction of frauds.

The website helps subscribers in checking the number of mobile connections in the subscribers’ IDs & names and that too operational. In addition, mobile connections can be regularized if any. The Department of TAF makes service providers responsible for handling the Subscribers Acquisition form.

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