Services by Registration Department Kerala

The Registration Department is one of the oldest departments in the state. People from all walks of life come in contact with the registration department at least once in their life.The important purpose of registration laws is to prove the uniqueness of documents, to give publicity to transactions, to prevent tampering, to ensure that the property has been transferred before, and to provide security to rights in case of loss or destruction of original documents. 

The registration department ranks third after the sales tax department and the excise department among the sources of revenue in the state exchequer. Registration rules mainly regulate the basis and not the transactions.


  • Aadhaar Registration
  • Liability Certificate
  • Certified copy
  • Chitty Registration
  • Marriage registration
  • Group registration
  • Stamp and Fees
  • Underwriting/manuscript fee

Rules & Regulations

  • Societies Registration Act
  • The Kerala Chit Fund Rules 2012
  • The Kerala Registration Manual Part II Vol I
  • Indian Partnership Act – 1932
  • Special Marriage Act – 1954
  • Transfer of Property Act – 1882
  • Bare Act (society) – 1860
  • Kerala Stamp Act – 1959
  • The Powers of Attorney Act 1882
  • Registration Act – 1908