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Sell Car Online at Best Price

Sell used car online for FREE with Cars24 in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur and other major cities across India. Get the best value for your used car from wide range of buyers that visit Cars24.

Sell in 3 easy steps!

  • Get price onlineAnswer some questions about your car to help us understand its condition
  • Car inspectionOur car expert physically verifies your car’s condition and we will give you the final offer
  • Car pick up & paymentWe will transfer the amount directly to your bank account before your car is picked up

Why CARS24?

  • Great Price – We have bought 5 lakh+ cars and that helps us offer you a great price instantly
  • Instant Payment – We’ll transfer the amount to your bank account, even before the car is picked up
  • Free RC Transfer – We’ll handle all the paperwork for free, from loan clearance to RC transfer

Not only do we offer a great price on each car we buy with Instant Payment, we ensure the entire car selling exprience is a stress-free one for you. The entire process can be completed right from your home, at a date and time that is convenient to you. We also offer full after sales support to ensure you have zero liability until the RC transfer is complete.

Based on the valuation of your car, CARS24 will handle the loan closures on your behalf, and will transfer the remaining balance to your account. Anyone can be present during the inspection with the required documents and the car keys. The owner only needs to be present to sign documents at the time of sale.

We take care of all documentation, including the free RC transfer. In case there is any mismatch in RC like signature mismatch, you may need to be present at the RTO. Some States also require the previous owner to be present at the RTO in order to register the car with the new owner, also known as ‘Party Peshi’. A CARS24 representative will be present with you throughout the process.

The RC transfer is completed as soon as we find a buyer for your car, which typically takes 90 days maximum. However, in few cases it may take longer. You will receive a written document that states CARS24 take full ownership of the car until the RC transfer is completed and you are not liable once you sell your car.

The inspection usually takes 30-45 mins. During this time our car expert will check your car across 140 parameters, including bodywork, wheels and tyres, interiors, electricals etc. They will also take a short test drive of the vehicle to assess its running condition.