Screenshot Framer Android App

Positing a screenshot to Instagram Stories? Using screenshots in an important slideshow presentation? Then this is the app for you! Screenshot Framer helps you to add a frame around your screenshots, giving it a professional look.

Unlike other screenshot framing apps, our frames can adapt to your screenshots. No more stretching or cropping. We even offer frames that are optimized for odd-shaped displays like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, and support horizontal screenshots.

On top of that, this app supports turning video screenshots into GIF, while adding a frame to it at the same time!

By default, the background is transparent, but you can change its color. Once you are done, export the image by tapping on the bottom-right toggle. If you have multiple images selected, all of the images will be processed and exported with a frame of the right size.

Have you ever required to share app images with other team members but omitted the frame to save time? Taking a screenshot is as simple as clicking, but building and dealing with picture editing tools is not a developer’s strong suit. Adding a device frame is now as simple as a keyboard press.

A mobile phone or computer mockup is an excellent approach to embellish your screenshot. You can quickly add a device frame to every screenshot you take, whether on your phone or on your computer. It is fairly simple to download and add a device frame to the screen if you are familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Screenshot Framer adds a device frame to screenshots taken with an iPhone or iPad. Among the features are

  • There are four frame types: iPhone and iPad, with or without a home button.
  • 120 different frame colours (from Keynote palette; screenshot below)
  • Portrait and landscape orientations (only 90° counterclockwise)
  • There is an option to utilise a black bezel.
  • Possibility of reducing final picture size
  • Draws frames with the help of mask, overlay, resize, rotate, and flip operations.
  • Because it does not include device photographs, the shortcut is small in size.

However, if you are unfamiliar with such technologies, it is also feasible to integrate mobile or PC mockups by using several websites. If you’re looking for a device frame or mockup generator to add a device frame to your screenshot, such as a Surface, Windows tablet, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and so on, this post is for you.