Saudi Approved Service Providers’ Offers: Details Check

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission’s application for electronic services (trial version), which can benefit from several services, including:

– My numbers service: the ability to view all mobile numbers and services related to his identity.

Complaints: Submitting and following up a complaint related to the service provider and the possibility of escalation.

– Approved Offers: View all offers and packages of approved service providers.

– Metric: Measure your network performance with accurate detailed metrics.

– Reports: through which the authority can be informed of any annoying use or emergency malfunction of telecommunication service providers.

Registration of requests for the provision of a communications service: The service of recording requests for the provision of a communications service allows users to inquire about the communications services available for any location specified by the user of the service, and allows the user to register requests to provide the service for locations where communications services are not available.

Communications and Information Technology Commission’s Mobile Application of e-services provided to the public (Beta version), through it can use several services, like:

Argami: Allows you to view all the mobile numbers and services registered on your ID.

Complaints: You can submit and follow up a complaints related to the service provider.

Approved Offers: Allows you to know the details of approved offers of all service providers.

Meqyas: You can measure the performance of your network with accurate, detailed measures.

Reports: through which you can inform CITC of any disturbing use or emergency breakdown of telecommunications service providers.

Providing Telecommunication services request service: A service that allows users to inquire available services at a specific location, with the ability to submit a request of unavailable services.

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