Prank Call and Fool Friends

Prank call with a tap. Pick a prank, prank call a friend, laugh out loud with a hilarious fake call & voice changer – prank dial to your friends become a real Prank Caller. Real prankster experience with fake prank caller – prank calling was never that easy – prank dial to your friends from anywhere with awesome voice changer options!

If you are looking for a funny way to make a fun prank dial – this is the app for you!

Making a prank dial was never that simple with this amazing prank caller app!

Welcome to prank call voice changer & Hilarious Prank Call by Ownage Pranks

  • Awesome prank call & fake caller app for spoof call, prank call your friends!
  • Hilarious fake calls recorded by Professional actors will help you to become a real prankster with amazing prank calls!
  • You can record the prank call voice changer & fake call and share it with friends, they will never find out the fake caller!


for spoof call – PRANKSTER – Prank Caller

Prank calling made easy with Ownage Pranks – prank call your friends!

Step 1: Pick a prank from our library of pre-recorded pranks and make the perfect spoof call

Step 2: Select a contact – the prank recipient with fake caller experience

Step 3: Hit send – Ownage Pranks will do the rest!


  • Tens of prank call and practical jokes to choose from
  • Our Pranks are recorded by professional voice actors!
  • Social feed of the best reactions posted by Ownage Pranks community members
  • Get free credits for free prank calls every day
  • Prank recordings are saved in “My Pranks”, so you can hear them again anytime!
  • New pranks added daily
  • Pranks use fake environment sounds in order to make your prank call perfect

Why use Ownage Pranks Prank Call app?

  • Prank call and fool friends who deserves it
  • Check the loyalty of your girl or boy friend
  • Crank calls with realistic voices
  • A variety of voice actors: Sexy girl, Angry boyfriend, Old lady, Doctors, Celebrities and more
  • You’re tired of old jokes like Voice Changer, SMS Pranks and fart soundboards




  • Send Pranks from different numbers to mask your identity
  • No need to change your voice or using a voice changer, since all prank calls are pre recorded.
  • Calls are made using your wifi and not with your cellular company without additional costs
  • Various languages supported
  • International coverage
  • Call landline and mobile numbers
  • Listen to hoax call recording after the call
  • Listen to hoax call before you dial a friend
  • Dial from a variety of Ownage Pranks phone numbers
  • Fake call that actually has a fake person talking

Disclaimer: This Application is for entertainment purposes only. Side-effects may range from serious laughing attacks, divorces, to black eyes. We accept no responsibility for such results. Users of this app accept full responsibility for the consequences. Use the app with responsibly.

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