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Onam App contains Pookalam Designs, Greetings ,Wallpapers and Onam Sadhya Recipes Onam Songs and Sticker Wishes.It’s a celebration celebrated by Malayalies in India. It is additionally the state celebration of Kerala with State occasions on 4 days beginning from Onam Eve (Uthradom) to the third Onam Day.

Onam Pookalam Designs

The Onam pookalam is a popular artwork created with bright and colorful flowers. The word “Poo” means “flower” and “Kalam” means “artwork”. So, a pookalam is considered as a floral rangoli. A rangoli is basically a wall art or floor art. Its comes in various shapes and sizes and adds to the festive spirit of the occasion. As a result this app is useful to draw pookalam very eassilaiy.

Onam Games

Onakalikal is the collective name that is given to a variety of games that are played during the festival of Onam. In our App video section you have some of the top games that are enjoyed by the people at the event of Onam, Vadamvali, Talappanthukali, Thiruvathira, Kummattikali, Pulikali, Thumbi Thullal, etc.

Onam Sadhya

The main specialty of Onam is Kerala Sadya which is served more than 26 dishes, Onam sadhya’s elaborate menu includes several different kinds of pickle, fresh and fried bananas, buttermilk, and a variety of papadums. Main vegetable dishes include erissery, pumpkin and beans in coconut gravy; kichadi, okra or bitter gourd in yogurt sauce; and parippu, or boiled lentils, all served over piles of Kerala’s signature matta red rice.

Onam Greetings

Onam is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness. Let us now hope for those days to come back again, those good old days! Wish you a happy and prosperous Onam. Onam is a festival of joy, celebrations, happiness, love, peace, and humility- all characteristics of the kingdom of Mahabali. There are times when you want to send your Onam wishes to your contacts but cannot find the appropriate message to send, then go to our onam greetings tab.you got lot of onam messages from there.

Malayalam Onappattukal (Onam Songs)

Onam song tapes used to sell like hot cakes. Even today the tradition is not lost. Many non-Malayalees don’t realise what an integral part the Onam songs play in the entire celebration. The speciality about the Onam songs is the fact that unlike other modern music, these songs get better and better as they get older.
Onam falls in the long stretch of Chingam(Augest – September), which is the primary month as per the Malayalam Calendar. The festivals start inside a fortnight of the Malayalam New Year and continue for ten days. Everywhere throughout the province of Kerala, merry customs, conventional cooking, move and music mark this gather celebration.

The Onam sadya is truly imperative piece of Thiruvonam, and pretty much every Keralite endeavors to either make or go to one. The blowout is served on plantain leaves and comprises of around 26 dishes .

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