Google Camera App for Android

Gcamator will help you to install the most compatible version of Camera, for your device. Application has remote database,where stored Camera applications for almost 300 device at this moment. Google Camera is the official camera app developed by Google for Android devices, which is a substitute for the camera app that comes by default.


  • Application will detect Camera2Api status automatically and will inform you about that
  • On the second tab, application will recognize your device data and gives you relevant version of Camera for your device
  • If application can’t find Camera for your smartphone,you could “Subscribe Notification”. After that,your smartphone data,like Device Manufacturer,Model and Android Version will be sent to developer and then it will be added about a few hours. You will get notification on your smartphone about it
  • You could try to go to third tab and download relevant version manually
  • Some devices,like Xiaomi Mi9,Xiaomi Redmi 7,Redmi Note 7,Galaxy S10 Snapdragon,doesn’t require root access and activation of Camera2Api manually.It’s activated by default. Application will detect it.
  • Application works in three languages: English,Georgian and Spanish

The first thing that will strike you about Google Camera is something negative. The problem is that the button that you use to take the photo takes up almost a fifth of the screen, covering a large part of the space that you could be seeing. Now, except for this problem, the rest of the interface is very accessible.

You can take spherical photos in order to take advantage of the views that surround you in 360 degrees. In addition, you can apply an out-of-focus effect for SLR photos with a superficial (fake) depth of field or you can activate the high-resolution panoramic image mode. All of this is available from an extendable side panel.

Google Camera is a good camera app that doesn’t need to have a ton of filters and other fancy features. It is a very solid alternative that allows you to do exactly what it should: take good photos whenever you want to.

Admittedly, Google generally does things very well. An example of this is Google Camera, the photo and video camera developed by the technology giant. Luckily, you can now install the best version of its camera for your mobile with this application. Let’s see how it works.

How to install Google Camera on a cell phone
GCamator is a tool to help users to install the latest version of the Google camera that works best on each Android device. And the best thing is that it does this search automatically.

In fact, all you have to do is open the application. The system will recognize the device model and show you a window where you can directly download the APK file of the version that works best on the terminal.

Now, if your phone or tablet does not appear on the list, you can click the purple button and ask them to include the model in the database. However, you also have the option of tapping the sheet of paper icon to perform a manual search.

If you would like to use the Google camera that is compatible with your device, this tool greatly simplifies the task. And, of course, it is completely free.