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Get Credit Card Easily Even without Salary

A Credit Card is no longer a luxury. It’s a must-have accessory in your wallet. A Credit Card brings a world of convenience, interest free period, discounts, CashBacks and Rewards Points. Whether you are a student or a teacher, self-employed or salaried, we show you how to get a Credit Card in three easy steps. 

Step 1: Choose your Credit Card

Each bank offers dozens of Credit Card options. The card you choose will depend on your expected usage and requirements, and the benefits you want– for example, some Credit Cards are great for travellers, some are designed for entertainment, others may be great for business. 

To know which card is right for you, visit the HDFC Bank Credit Card section.

Once you have selected the right card for yourself, check with the bank about your eligibility for the card and the documents you must submit with your Credit Card application.

Step 2: Apply for your card

Get all your documents ready – a bank will usually ask for identity, address and income proofs. If you are an existing customer that may not be necessary.

Apply online or at an ATM or visit your nearest branch with the required documents. 

Most cards come with an annual fee that is typically waived off when you achieve a certain limit of spends in a year. The annual fee will be included in your monthly statement. 

Step 3: Activate your card 

After your Credit Card application is approved, it is dispatched to your communication address. You will need to sign for it at the time of delivery and show some identity proof. 

A PIN (personal identity number) is usually couriered to you separately, whereas the Green PIN is sent on your registered mobile number. You will need the PIN to authenticate any transaction you do on your Credit Card. 

Once you get your Credit Card and the PIN in your hands, head to the nearest ATM of your bank to change the PIN. 

Congratulations! You now have a new Credit Card, and you’re ready for your first purchase. Happy shopping! 

To know more about the different Credit Card options available, click here. 

Wondering how to choose the best Credit Card now? Click here to get started!

How can I avail HDFC Bank credit card offers?

You can go to HDFC’s website and to the credit card section, where all the features of all the credit cards issued are available. This will tell you about all the facilities that your credit card has or reviews done by other financial websites can also provide this information. Once a purchase is made with the help of the credit card the reward points or cashback are automatically credited to your credit card account.