Find out Whoever Touched Your Phone

WTMP — Who touched my phone?

Application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for user. You will see who, when and what did to your favorite device while it is not under your attention.

How does it work?

  • Open app and click the button. Then close the app and lock your device;
  • User unlocked device or tried to do it. The application starts recording a report (photo, list of launched apps);
  • Device screen goes out. App saves report. And so on;
  • User tries to unlock device several times. App saves report;
  • Browse your reports in app. Set up sync with the cloud.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The application needs device administrator rights to look out for incorrect unlock attempts. Android only detects a password or pattern as incorrect if it has at least 4 digits/characters or pattern dots.

Device Administrator needs to be deactivated before app uninstall.

Who Touched My Phone (WTMP) is a cutting-edge mobile application designed to provide users with enhanced security and peace of mind by monitoring and tracking any unauthorized access to their smartphones. This innovative app utilizes advanced technology to detect and record instances when someone interacts with the user’s device without permission. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, WTMP aims to empower individuals with the ability to safeguard their personal information and maintain privacy in an increasingly digital world.

The core functionality of WTMP revolves around its ability to capture evidence of unauthorized access. The app employs sophisticated sensors and algorithms to detect touch interactions, providing users with a detailed log of every touch event on their phones. This includes taps, swipes, and any other form of interaction, allowing users to identify potential security breaches. The timestamped records and detailed logs provided by WTMP enable users to precisely track when and how their devices were accessed, offering valuable information for security analysis.

To complement its monitoring capabilities, WTMP features customizable alert settings that notify users in real-time when unauthorized access is detected. Users can set up notifications through various channels, such as push notifications or email alerts, ensuring that they are promptly informed of any suspicious activity on their phones. This proactive approach empowers users to take immediate action, such as remotely locking or wiping their device, to prevent unauthorized access and protect their sensitive information.

One of the standout features of WTMP is its stealth mode, which allows the app to operate discreetly without drawing attention to itself. This ensures that potential intruders remain unaware of the app’s presence, enhancing its effectiveness as a security tool. The app also includes additional security measures, such as PIN or biometric authentication, to prevent unauthorized individuals from disabling or uninstalling WTMP.

WTMP goes beyond just monitoring unauthorized access; it also provides users with insights into patterns and trends related to their device usage. The app generates reports and analytics based on touch events, offering a comprehensive overview of when and how the phone is typically used. This feature not only enhances security but also helps users gain a better understanding of their smartphone usage habits.

In conclusion, Who Touched My Phone is a state-of-the-art mobile application that prioritizes user privacy and security. With its advanced touch event monitoring, customizable alert settings, and stealth mode, WTMP empowers users to take control of their device’s security. By providing detailed logs and insights into usage patterns, the app offers a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to safeguard their personal information in an era where digital privacy is paramount.

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