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File Recovery & Restore App for Android

Easy to recover your lost files, photos, documents, videos & audios using this app. Also view your hidden files. Recover & restore your photos, videos, documents & more.

App Features :

  • File Recovery is application will help to recover photo, recover video, recover audio and document.
  • To restore any types of files, select the photos or media file you want to recover and tap on the ‘recover’ button.
  • Just one single click, all the files you selected will be restored to the Recycle bin activity.
  • In the Recycle bin Activity and the files you selected will be showed in the list and you will perform operations
  • to restored/saved to the local folder and share.

This android application is possible to recover deleted files and restore deleted files and deleted videos to restore by displays them to you so that you can recover deleted photos and recover permanently deleted files.

It generally like any other recover deleted videos android app it searches he phone’s memory, both internal and external, for all kinds of video files that you previously downloaded to your device and then deleted , videos deleted camera, videos deleted WhatsApp, videos deleted Messenger and others, and everything that the application finds you can retrieve video with one click and recover deleted video files will be added in SD card at folder of the app