Etihad Airways Jobs in UAE

Etihad Airways Jobs vacancies & Career Opportunities 2020 :- We look forward to welcoming you into our Etihad Family and helping you settle into your new home, Abu Dhabi.We at Etihad Airways are here to make your transition to Abu Dhabi as easy as possible.

We will guide you through some of the preparation you need to do in order to smoothly and quickly settle into living in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, whether you come alone or with your family. Our onboarding team will be here to guide you through all the essentials prior to, and as soon as you arrive.
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Latest Etihad Airways Job Vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Job TitleJob Title
Foundation Trainee ProgrammeCabin Crew – Portugal
Cabin Crew – Worldwide Assessment CentreCabin Crew – Germany 
Cabin Crew – UAE Assessment CentreCabin Crew – United Kingdom 
Cabin Crew – Hong Kong Assessment CentreCabin Crew – Spain
Cabin Crew – CanadaCabin Crew – Tunisia
Cabin Crew – JapanCabin Crew – Spain 
Cabin Crew – RussiaCabin Crew – Australia
Cabin Crew – SwitzerlandCabin Crew – Egypt
Cadet Pilot Program Direct EntryCabin Crew – Jordan
Cabin Crew – Singapore Assessment CentreGBSS Manager MIS
Cabin Crew – SpainCabin Crew – Ukraine 
Cabin Crew – Bahrain Cabin Crew – Australia 
Cabin Crew – MoroccoCabin Crew – Germany
Cabin Crew – South Africa Cabin Crew – Morocco
Aircraft Technician StructureGovernment Relation Representative
Licensed Flight Dispatcher/ Flight PlannerCabin Crew – France 
Senior Manager Commercial PlanningCabin Crew – Belgium
Cabin Crew – JapanCabin Crew – Australia
Cabin Crew – CanadaCabin Crew – Italy
Cabin Crew – Belarus Cabin Crew – South Africa 
Cabin Crew – Italy Cabin Crew – Egypt 
Cabin Crew – GermanyCabin Crew – Greece
Cabin Crew – Netherlands Cabin Crew – United Kingdom
Manger Revenue AccountingCabin Crew – Ireland
Operations Manager FinanceCabin Crew – Lebanon 
Cabin Crew – SerbiaAircraft Mechanic Programme
Manager Cabin Crew TrainingCabin Crew – Brisbane Assessment Center
Cabin Crew – France Beverage Specialist
Cabin Crew – Bucharest Assessment centerSales Officer