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Easy Trick to Use Camera and Torch Together

The area around camera cutout has always been useless, this app turns the camera hole into a shortcut action button to perform many actions and make phone use easier. You can set independent action for each touch, long touch, double touch and swiping both sides.

Interactive camera hole functions are categorised as the following :


  • Take a screenshot!

Easy way to take a screenshot by a simple touch without any floating button. Keep your device’s button from tearing.

  • Toggle camera flashlight:
  • To use your phone as a torch easily when needed.
  • Open power button menu.

In some moderns phones the power button is now mapped as an assistant button and the power menu is moved to notifications shade.


  • Minimized apps drawer:

A lanucher for a group of selected apps as horizontally aligned icons next to the notch. To reach your most used apps anywhere.

  • Open camera.

Open selfie camera on the go.

  • Open selected app.

Navigate to your favourite app directly.

  • Open recent apps menu.

Navigate between currently opened apps.


  • Quick Dial:

Make a quick phone call to your favorite contact, an emergency call or even query USSD code.


  • Toggle automatic orientation.

Enable or disable screen rotation.

  • Do Not Disturbe Mode.

Enable DND mode when needed.


  • QR codes reader.

Read products info using the camera.

  • Trigger an automated task.

Send broadcast event to fire a flow or actions you set in 3rd party automation apps.

  • Browse your favorite website.


  • Switch brightness:

Change screen brightness between two set low and high values like for indoor and outdoor or for day / night.

  • Toggle Ringer mode:

Put your phone on mute, sound or vabirate and switch between them.


  • Play or pause music:

Control currently playing music just like the headset button.

  • Play next audio:

Skip music to the next track.

  • Play previous audio:

Rewind or return to the previous track.

Accessibility Service API Disclosure:

This app uses Android Accessibility Service API.

It uses system accessibility privileges of Accessibility Overlay to place an invisible button around and below the front camera cut-out to be functioned as a shortcut for user selected tasks. No data is collected by this service.