Dual Camera Video Recording App for Android

FlipCam is a camera application that allows users to record precious moments by alternating between both cameras in the same video.
An android app that records using front and back camera in the same video file.
This app is available for use from Android version Lollipop to Pie.
Latest version is 1.3 which provides below features and fixes
Includes a fix for issue where recorded video freezes on playback on some devices.

Includes below new features

  • Users can pause and resume video recording (Supported from Android Nougat and above).
  • Added recording capability for more video resolutions.
  • Added ability to rotate photos.
  • Includes support up to Android 10.
  • Users can switch between viewing media content from SD Card and Phone.
  • Users can choose between external video player and internal (FlipCam) video player.
  • A front facing camera timer for selfies.
  • Pinch zoom ability for optical zoom. New icons for settings, share and delete. Additional bug fixes. Includes support up to Android Pie.
  • Flip Camera app allows you to make videos using both front and rear camera.

Use the flip button while recording to switch between cameras, a continuous video will be recorded. It is like having two cameramen available to you, with an ability to switch between them.

Use Flip Camera with friends or at the games to record the game and then flip the camera to comment on it and record your own presence.

For executives who want to show a construction site to a client use flip camera to record yourself for describing the place, no need to later sit and edit videos.

  • Ability to record videos in Landscape mode. Earlier, only portrait mode recording was working.
  • Position of Switch camera icon shifted to bottom near record button to make camera switch functionality more user friendly.
  • Following interruption testing bugs have been fixed.
    • Call received in between recording.
    • Phone sleep time out while recording.

Since Android does not allow devices to use both cameras at the same time, that feature is not yet available in FlipCam. For now, users can use two cameras in the same video, just not at the same time.