Download Any Social Media Videos Without Watermark

Seal Downloader is an ultimate tool to download photos, videos, GIFs , audios, etc from any Social Media directly to your Android device. Hence, no need to have different apps for every platform.

The Seal Video Downloader App revolutionise the way you save content from the Internet, no matter if the platform offers native download support or not, you can save/download whatever you like.

You get all these perks packaged into the Seal APK in a most practical way possible to minimize the download hassle.

Here is the complete list of features offered by Seal Downloader in 2023:

  • Faster Downloads: You can save videos, images, audios and more with 10x fast speed.
  • HD Quality: There is no compromise in the quality of media, Seal Downloader app preserves the original quality without making any compressions.
  • Large files support: It doesn’t matter how large the media content is Seal Video Downloader will handle it neatly.
  • Multi-threading: Just like premium downloaders, the app offers multi-threading support by having different threads to leach packets faster and and later re-arranges them in original sequence.
  • Public & Private content: It also has a feature to login into your Social Media account to save content from people you follow.
  • Modern UI: It offers latest UI patterns and is build in such a way that it minimise your efforts to find what you’re looking for, thus, intuitive UX is the focus.
  • File Format: You can download content in almost all major image and video format including jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, mkv and etc.
  • Built-in Media Player: A full-fledged gallery and video player to find and watch all the downloaded media in one place.
  • Languages: Seal Video Downloader is available in HI, PR, ES, IN, EN, RU, and DE.

Seal is an app for downloading videos from YouTube and other platforms using yt-dlp, a fork of the project previously known as youtube-dl. With it, you can download videos at maximum quality from streaming platforms, as well as convert them to MP3 or MP4 audio formats.

After opening it and granting it permissions to store content on your device’s memory, you can enter the URL for content you want to download from any platform. In total, Seal supports links from over 1,700 video and audio platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and much more. Basically, you can download multimedia content from any link you paste into the program.

When you click on download, you can also choose to save the content as audio. You can even download entire playlists, force the inclusion of subtitles, or save the video thumbnail separately.

If you want to enter different parameters for the download, you can add them. For example, you can bypass regional restrictions, set a limit to the files, force only videos uploaded between specific dates to be downloaded, and so on.

So if you want to download videos from any free and open streaming platform, download the Seal APK today.

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