Create Short Videos with Magic Templates

Editor’s Choice: Highly recommended, Mecord is an AI Camera, MV Master, Short Video Maker, and Video Status Editor for WhatsApp by Google Play in 2023.

Mecord, the MV Master (Music Video Master), is a video editing app that offers a completely new experience in editing short videos with free magic templates for Bigo Live. How are those cool AI videos on Youtube and TikTok made? Come to Mecord and you can have it. All you have to do is take a selfie or record a video, and Mecord will help you generate amazing videos of real people transforming into armor, time travel to the past, and more.

MV Master Free Video Editing Features

  • Share your amazing Biugo, Noizz videos on social media with this MV master app.
  • With a variety of free magical video templates, you can create your own special videos on Biugo, Noizz to express your love and dreams, record birthdays and festivals, and share your unique moments with this MV master app!
  • Create an electrifying photo slideshow in just three easy steps. After adding images, you can choose background music and start creating your own music album with this MV master app for Bigo Live.

Mecord Main Highlights

  • It’s an amazing option to create Biugo, Noizz videos using your photos. Add photos to the template to generate a magical effect video that is unique to you.
  • Templates for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, good morning messages, good night messages and other special effects are available in this MV master app.

Free to use AI Camera is like magic 

Here you are free to use the AI camera to generate all kinds of amazing AI character photos for yourself! Mecord offers dozens of popular themes including Cyberpunk, Vampire, Magical, etc. for you to play with. You can create personalized AI avatars, create cinematic looks, dress up in beautiful exotic outfits, and so on.

Additionally, you can utilize the Super Power AI generator to fully unleash your imagination! By entering certain prompts like Santa Claus, Spiderman, etc., you will get AI images on corresponding themes within seconds!

“What if I have no idea what I should do?” Don’t worry. Mecord offers several AI camera models that allow you to get similar types of images with just one click! So easy, so funny! Similar to Biugo, Noizz, VFly, Likee, MV Master, TikTok, Lanche Vídeo, Picku, Josh, Moj, Zili, Inshot, PicsArt, Laki.

  • Create videos and share them with friends on social media such as Biugo, Noizz, WhatsApp, ShareChat, Shareit, Welike, Vido Status, Likee, MBit, Zapee Status, Whatsapp Status, TikTok, Kwai, Vmate, Bigo.

You can also find your videos in ES File Explorer, Viva Video or Bigo Live.