Block Your Internet for Specific Apps

Smart phone assistant works like your own assistant and makes your work easy. If you have my assistant app you have not to worry about Wi-Fi switches and permissions of apps and apps security and screen lock without button and app notifications and installed apps and internet usage and uninstall multiple applications at once in your personal assistant android app. These all things are controlled and monitor in easy touch assistant app.


  • Shows all permissions which are taken by apps
  • Block apps facility then no one access these blocked apps.
  • Lock your mobile screen without lock button
  • shows all the notification generated by each installed app on your android

  • Block your internet coverage to specific application then this application
 cannot use internet
  • You can uninstall multiple apps just in one click
  • App reminds you to shut down your mobile screen
  • Wi-Fi timer turns your mobile Wi-Fi on/off at specified time automatically

All apps permissions:

Digital assistant android app shows all install application of your device and permission which have been taken by specific app of your mobile device. You can edit these permission by clicking on manage permissions with easy touch smart phone assistant and can remove the permission which you do not want to give.

Apps blocker:

You can block any installed app from other user just by clicking on that app then no one can use your blocked app you can unblock your app whenever you want

Switch off screen:

Switch off screen facilitate user by creating floating button on a screen after that you do not need physical button to switch off your mobile screen, you just need to click the button which is shown on screen. You can also open new phone assistant app home page with same button.

Notification inbox:

Phone assistant provides the functionality of notification inbox in which all upcoming notifications of other apps save automatically in the app and users can see it whenever they want.

Net blocker:

It is interesting feature of phone assistant in which you can block internet usage to the application which you do not want to use. This function helps you to save internet usage and prevent application to use internet

Apps uninstaller:

Apps uninstaller shows all installed application of your android device and facilitate user by providing opportunity to users that they can delete multiple application instead of one.

Screen reminder:

Screen reminder allows you to create custom Android notifications in the notification bar for a quick or scheduled reminder. It is used to remind you of take a rest for a while at specific time which you provide.

Wi-Fi timer:

If you have Wi-Fi timer you have not worry about mobile data consuming or draining of battery is allowing you to set the time to turn on and off your mobile Wi-Fi instead of switching Wi-Fi manually. Its help you to turn on and off your mobile Wi-Fi automatically at specified time, on your behalf you just have to provide time. With Wi-Fi timer you can prevent data usage and battery draining.

Permissions needed:


Vpn Service:

This app blocks internet access of selected apps by using VPN service,without using VPN service this application won’t be able to block internet.We do not collect and share any personal or sensitive data.