Best Online Electronic Auction Portal by Government

A Platform to Buy in and Sell Out
eAuction India is a platform for Government Departments to conduct online auctions for sale and purchase. It removes all barriers of geography, presence, time, space, and a small target audience. Propelled by a versatile, safe and secured engine developed by National Informatics Centre, many users have witnessed multi fold increase in revenue in auctions conducted over a diverse range.

Commodity Auction

  • Auction Publish
  • Bidders Apply
  • Scrutiny & Approval
  • Live Auction
  • Evaluation
  • Award the Winner

Specialized Auction

  • Issue Prequalification Criteria (PC)
  • Bidders apply against PC
  • Scrutiny & Register Bidder
  • Limited Auction Publish
  • Auto approval (based on criteria)
  • Live auction
  • Evaluation
  • Award the Winner is one of the largest online digital market platforms that assists bank auction property buyers in obtaining information about property e-auctions. the portal provides a platform to find all the auction properties of all the different banks and financial institutions throughout India.

Auctioning property is a win-win proposition for both banks and buyers. This is a great benefit for users because they can get the property at a lower price than the market price. All the information in one place gives them the choice to buy a property of their liking and make an informed decision.’s goal is to close the communication gap between the buyer and the bank in order to improve both parties’ understanding and generate win-win scenarios.

Advantages of buying properties through Bank Auction

    Bank auction properties are available at a value that is 20-25% lower than the market value.
    The bank auctions are conducted within the SARFAESI Act and the DRT Act’s guidelines. The bank’s or financial institution’s loan approvals are subject to verification of all legal aspects.
    The Government of India has authorised banks and financial institutions, so purchasing such properties is risk-free.
    The purchaser will be relieved of the burden of going over the legal responsibilities of the property.
    100% transparent and completely secure transaction.
    A property’s registration usually takes two months.