Best App Blocker for Android

Can’t put your phone down? Are you addicted to certain apps? Lock Me Out is a powerful app blocker that locks you out of chosen apps when you would rather be doing something else.
Please check to make sure Lock Me Out is running unrestricted on your device!

Brief Overview (detailed overview below)
• Block chosen apps, allow chosen apps, or allow lock-screen only
• Block or allow chosen websites
• Schedule regular lockouts or trigger lockouts automatically based on app usage
• Trigger lockouts at chosen locations
• Hide notifications from blocked apps
• Turn on DND/silence ringer
• Blocks split screen, picture-in-picture, and Samsung’s pop-up views
• Password protection for entry, uninstall, and tampering
• Temporary emergency access
• Usage statistics
• Usage warning notifications
• No ads

Lock Me Out has helped thousands of people reduce time spent on their phone. It has become an invaluable tool for many students who wish to focus on studying, and parents who wish to limit their children’s screen time. It was originally released in 2014 and continues to improve with new features based on user feedback and requests.

Customer service is a top priority at TEQTIC. If you need help, please use the “Contact Support” menu option inside the app or email! We strive to respond to all emails as quickly as possible.

Install now and reclaim your precious time, free of distractions!

Detailed Overview
App Blocking Modes
There are three app blocking modes. The first mode blocks the chosen apps and allows the rest. The second mode allows the chosen apps and blocks the rest. The third and strictest mode only allows use of the lock-screen. You can still answer calls or call emergency numbers in this mode.

Website Blocking Modes
There are two website blocking modes. The first mode blocks the chosen URLs or URL keywords and allows the rest. The second mode allows the chosen URLs or URL keywords and blocks the rest.

Usage Based Lockouts
Usage based lockouts have rules that trigger automatic lockouts based on your device usage. You can set up usage rules based on time spent in chosen apps, total screen time, the number of times apps are opened, or the number of device unlocks. Usage rules are scheduled to be enforced at the chosen times.

Scheduled Lockouts
Scheduled lockouts occur at the chosen times regardless of usage.

Lockout Options
Each lockout has its own configurable options:
• Unlock periodically with regular breaks (pomodoro)
• Hide notifications from blocked apps
• Turn on Do Not Disturb (DND)
• Silence the ringer
• Only lock at chosen physical locations
• Allow a chosen payment to end the lockout early

Reducing notifications is important to help us eliminate frequent interruptions, which is vital for our focus, productivity, and mental health. Having lockouts limited to specific physical locations can improve focus while at school, the gym, or anywhere else apps can be a distraction. Less time spent on your phone at night can also improve your sleep.