Avoid these 8 mistakes if you are a WhatsApp user

Whatsapp is the one of the top instant messaging application in the world. There are some peoples who do not know how to use whatsapp. Whatsapp has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. Disadvantage will be affected depend on the customers uses. A lot of features has in this messaging app. At the same time, some users are doing mistakes on whatsapp without knowing it. In this article we are going to discuss about the most 8 mistakes that are doing on whatsapp

  • 1: Do not give your whatsapp account access

Go to your contact list and take some time for delete contact number you will contact again. Example you can delete you house owner number from five years ago, numbers of uber and other taxi driver who called you in the past. Remember one things, today most of the peoples have smartphone, there are all using whatsapp also.

  1. Do not give lot of information in your profile photo

It’s always better to keep simple profile photo. Make sure your profile photo does not contain information about you and your family. Maximum to avoid group photos and infront of your home , your car (showing registration number) etc. Because your profile photo visible all persons in your contact list.

  1. Use two-step verification pin

Two-step verificaton process will prevent you from Sim Swap fraud. Sim swap means the hackers steal your OTP and try to login your whatsapp account in other device. So all whatsapp users can turn on two-step verification method by going to settings and setup a pin that only you know.

  1. Lock your whatsapp using touch id or face id

Most of the whatsapp users do not use fingerprint or face id to lock there whatsapp account. But this feature provide the best security of your acocunt. In the case of IOS users, they can lock using face id and android users, they can lock using fingerprint. Once your whatsapp account closed, this locking system will work immediately and ensure more security. This feature can be activated by tapping account>privacy>lock.

  1. Avoid sharing status with everyone

Status messages are private and it meant to be shared with your family and friends. At the same time, no need to share your status with newspaper delivery boy, the cab driver etc. Make sure to use privacy settings properly to filter out unwanted person from seeing your status messages.

  • 6) Stop saving all whatsapp media files into your mobile gallery

This is the another important point. Keep in mind that saving all media files into your mobile phone gallery consumes your internal memory too. So if you don’t want to save unwanted media files, you can turn off saving all photos in phone gallery in the settings.

  • 7) Do not send forward message that you are not sure about

Every day you will get a lot of forward messages on whatsapp which are intended to against the law and order, encourage suicide and violence etc. Do not share these messages into others. The police have the power to check your whatsapp chats. You are also responsible for messages you forward without proper knowledge.

  • 8) Don’t forget to turn on device linking security update

Whatsapp has added extra security of your account when you want to link your whatsapp account into computer via whatsapp web, will be asked to unlock lock using face or finger id before scanning the QR code from the phone.