App for WhatsApp Transcriber

Transcriber for WhatsApp transcribes your voice messages into text and also allows you to listen to them incognito (without activating the blue check).

The goal is to improve communication during various phases of the day when it is not allowed to listen to voice messages, such as when you are in a crowded place, or in a place where you have to be silent, or simply in secret. .

Special attention has also been paid to people with hearing problems, trying to offer them greater autonomy in communication when perhaps one of their contacts carelessly sends them voice messages.

The app has been designed using the latest Material Design guidelines and is designed to take up as little space on your phone as possible.

In short, there is no reason not to keep Transcriber for WhatsApp installed, sooner or later it will come in handy!

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an app that lets you transcribe voice messages for WhatsApp so that instead of listening to them you can read them. Why? Well, because sometimes you just can’t or don’t feel like listening to messages, and would rather just read them.

Using Transcriber for WhatsApp is as simple as selecting the voice message and using the app to ‘share’ it. In a matter of seconds you’ll have your message transcribed so you can read it easily. It’s a simple, effective, and smooth system.

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an app that can be quite useful at certain times. Obviously it’s usually more convenient to listen to the messages you receive, but as you can’t always do that, it’s not a bad idea to have this small app installed.