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App for Updating Contact List

People carry dual cellphones, more than one sim card to keep their professional and personal circles different. Our contact list is the beholder of every individual we come across. Optimizing a contact list is a tedious task as it involves innumerable contacts, which we use on a daily basis, some once within a week, some once within a month, some once within a year, some contacts we ourselves don’t remember.

The ultimate Delete Multi Contacts – Merge app is here to assist you in optimizing and updating your contact list within seconds easily. Delete Multi Contacts – Merge app is a customer-friendly app specially designed to effectively and efficiently manage their contact list.

Delete Multi Contacts app gives multiple features like delete multiple contacts, merge similar contacts, delete duplicate contacts, and import/export contacts.

1. Delete multiple contacts
– Select the unwanted contacts from the contact list displayed.
– Click on delete to delete selected multiple contacts.

2. Merge similar contacts
– Merge contacts by similar name or merge by similar phone number.
– Click on merge to get the contacts merged in the single.

3. Delete duplicate contacts
– This option shows the duplicate contacts with similar names or phone numbers.
– This option will help to delete these duplicate contacts.

4. Import/Export contacts
– Export the contacts to the Excel, PDF, text, VCF, and word file.
– Import the contacts from Excel and VCF to the phone’s contact list.

Delete Multi Contacts – Merge app is a feature-driven app that effectively and efficiently carries out its task. This app provides instant click executions.

Delete Multi Contacts – Merge presents a simple and professional design with a user-friendly and pleasant GUI. Delete Multi Contacts – Merge is a reliable and secure multiple contacts removal apps. This application is adaptable to all screen resolutions of all smartphones and is a readily available application.