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World’s First C2C Marketplace exclusively for short deals on Rental Products and Freelancing Services.

A Business is an exchange of Products or Services in return for money, and every business runs upon these two factors Supply and Demand. Among these, Demand is the only thing that drives the business. This Demand exactly means the “Need”.

Whether the Products or the Services; the need part can be divided into two segments. Those are Permanent needs and Temporary needs. Depending upon the consumption period the Temporary needs can be further divided into Need for a Few Hours, Need for a Few Days, Need for a Few Months, and Need for a Few Years.

Out of these four, we are going to address the first two which are “Need for a Few Hours” and “Need for a Few Days” through this efficient portal We are happy to announce our venture “Gainr” which is going to be the 1st ever C2C platform in the world on Rental Products and Freelancing Services to meet all temporary needs of the people.

Whether you are a Business owner or an Individual, any products that are lying ideal at your home/office can be rented out on an hourly and daily basis. Whether you are a Blue collar, Grey collar, White collar, or Golden collar Freelancer; your services can be posted to get short time gigs. Those posted products and services will be a great demand in somewhere of society and our portal is just going to act as a bridge.

Your Business, Your policies, and Your Revenue. We will never interfere and you are free to get paid directly by your clients either by cash or other mediums whatever is convenient to you. This Platform is completely free to post any kind of short-time deals on all Rental Products and Freelancing Services.

Our platform is the pioneer which exactly empowers Individuals on what they are good at as well as gives identification for every product and service. We believe there is an Entrepreneur in every Indian. We have constructed a comfortable office space for them online where their clients can find them easily.

We don’t believe in the word “Consumers”. Everyone’s role here is not only to spend and consume but also to supply and earn. By onboarding Gainr App, people can hire someone or get hired to earn and rent something or rent out something to make revenue.

So, We named the consumers here as ‘Prosperers”, we give them “Prosper ID, enter the Prosper ID in the global search tab or after (e.g. ) in URL to see your website created in real-time. Creating a Prosper page for your business may take five minutes and it may keep generating you revenue for over fifty years. We wish you great prosperity.

If you have any suggestions or if you find any scope of improvements please write to us. It is either a pat on our shoulders or snub, we are ready to receive it wholeheartedly.

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