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Kerala, one of the most beautiful places in the world, blessed with amazing land beauty is usually Known as “GOD’s own country”. Truly an ‘All in One App for Kerala’ with daily updates and Provides all information about Kerala Tourist places, Hotels, Beaches, Pilgrim places, Hill Stations, Museums, Emergency Contact Numbers, Educational Institutions, Live Weather Reports in Kerala Cities, Airports, Kerala Festivals, Shopping Malls, Zoos, Banks, Theaters, Media, Live Movie show Times in Kerala Cities, Amusement Parks in Kerala, Hospitals in Kerala, Media in Kerala, Agriculture in Kerala, Leading personalities from Kerala, Rivers of Kerala, Railway Stations in Kerala, Govt Offices in Kerala and much more..

Kerala enjoys a unique natural beauty and its geographical and seasonal features attracts many tourists to this land. Kerala lies between Arabian sea in the west to the Western Ghats to the east. The long sea shore with beautiful serene beaches attracts everyone to its shore. The landscape with its eye-catching loveliness, waterfalls, luxuriant hill stations and exotic wildlife, all really contributes to an inconceivable Unique experience to any traveler. Kerala is a prominent spice exporter in the world.

The hill stations and plantations are other stand out attractions in Kerala. There is no wonder that National Geographic’s magazine names this astounding territory as one of the ‘Ten Paradises Of The World”. A travel and leisure in a life boat will be an unforgettable memory for a traveler and such unique experiences may not be got anywhere but in Kerala only.

But we know many travelers are facing a major problem after reaching this wonderful land of diversities. We noticed the lack of good travel utilities and mobile apps that provides a seamless travel experience for tourists visiting Kerala. Even keralites who travel different parts of the state find it difficult to locate a government office, bank, educational institution, pilgrim center or tourist places.My Kerala App is a sincere attempt by few visionary leaders from Kerala to bridge that App.

Do you know the famous beaches and the facilities available in Kerala? Do you know districts headquarters and the emergency service provider of the area? Are you aware of the various hill stations of Kerala and where it is situated? For all these Questions we recommend only one answer, that is the mobile app developed by the well-known IT company of Kerala, Vcode Infotech Ltd, Thodupuzha. You are welcome to use this absolutely free app and we welcome your valuable suggestions to promote and improve the App.

My Kerala iPhone App Features include:

  • Kerala Tourism
  • Weather in Kerala Cities
  • Hotels in Kerala
  • Kerala Attractions
  • Kerala News
  • Kerala Emergency Contact Information
  • Amusement Parks in Kerala
  • Airports in Kerala
  • Kerala Museums
  • Pilgrims Places in Kerala
  • Hospital in Kerala
  • Kerala Festivals
  • Kerala Local Festivals
  • Shopping Malls in Kerala
  • Theaters in Kerala
  • Banks in Kerala
  • Zoos in Kerala
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Police Stations in Kerala
  • Fire Stations in Kerala
  • Ambulance
  • Kerala Women Helpline
  • Child Helpline for Kerala
  • Consumer Helpline for Kerala
  • Cultural information of Kerala

Digital Kerala is no longer a dream as it is right at your finger tips with this Innovative App on Kerala. Please download My Kerala App and be a part of the transformation of our own Kerala, the God’s own country.

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