Android App to Check Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure App Pro allows you in a fast, simple, and safe way to control your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight, etc. You can easily track the evolution tendency of your values, get the meaning of your measurement values, know if you are at a normal level, and be able to discover information and helpful tips on how to improve your lifestyle for better health!️

Why you need Blood Pressure App Pro:
Control blood pressure easily: A simple way to analyze, observe, control your blood pressure and assist your measurements, helping you improve health problems effectively, like hypertension, hypotension, etc.

Track all health data: Get clear analysis of your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and body mass index trends to control your levels in a healthy range.

Know what you eat: Quick food scanner for you to scan the bar code easily to check if food is healthy or if the amount of fat, calories, sugar exceed the standard.

Key features

  • Automatically analyze, track and control blood pressure
  • Automatically analyze, track and control blood sugar
  • Automatically analyze, track and control pulse rate
  • Automatically analyze, track and control weight and body mass index
  • Schedule smart alarms for health so you won’t miss any regular measurement
  • Detailed analysis of short, medium and long term trends for you
  • Comprehensive information to analyze your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels
  • Superfast QR code scanning to check if your food is healthy or any ingredients that exceed the standard
  • Export all your health data reports for further analysis and medical consultation
  • Gain knowledge and suggestions on keeping a healthy diet

Designed for people who:

  • Still record blood pressure and sugar levels on paper
  • Wonder if their blood pressure, blood sugar and pulse are within normal ranges
  • Want to easily analyze changes and trends in their blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse and weight
  • Need scientific and accurate knowledge and advice on blood pressure, blood sugar and healthy lifestyle
  • Have no idea how to display blood pressure condition and changes to their doctor
  • Wish to check blood pressure regularly as required but sometimes forget

Easy-to-use Health Data Analysis
This app is ideal for those who wish to take control of their blood pressure, and provides an easier way to check whether their blood pressure values, blood sugars levels and pulse rate are all within a healthy range.

Clear History of All Measurements
You’ll be able to quickly and easily access the history of all your measurements anytime, so as to capture subtle changes in very simple way and take actions accordingly for health improvement.

Detailed Tags for Different States
The app also enables you to record tags for your blood pressure values under different measurement states (After / before a meal, lying / sitting / standing, left / right hand, etc.). You can analyze and compare blood pressure under different states. With more detailed and categorized information, it’s easy for you to take care of your health better.

Smart Health Alarm
The alarm lets you set reminders to schedule each function, making sure you don’t forget any regular measurements. This way, you can better manage your health and avoid potential irregularities early.

Export to CSV & Share
All the health data you’ve entered may be exported as CSV files, allowing you to share your health readings and changes with your family, physician, or health consultant for further advice and take advantage of your medical appointment.

Health Insights & Knowledges
You’ll also find a wealth of scientifically proven knowledge, helpful healthy hints, concerning blood pressure, heart health, blood sugar, etc., and reliable ways to help you achieve health improvements in the short, mid, and long run.

Download the Blood Pressure App Pro to make you healthier and happier than ever!