Android App for Video Background Remover

Remove video background is the first app that provides you the ability to remove background from your video as well as change the background of your video from camera or gallery, the remove video background app offers two options for you, our app offers extra features such as remove background from image or change the green screen background to your favorite background.

Remove video background app is a free app video background changer that offers a bunch of features such as changing the video background with color, talking about colors, the Remove video background app contains thousands of colors to choose from as well as gradient color, select your favorite one, and change your camera video background with it.

In addition to the colors and gradient color features, remove video background lets you change the video background with an image from your gallery or even a video, just one click there your video background will be changed.

Green screen effect has two modes of the camera, selfie camera, and back camera, one tap to switch between them, you can change the background of your video selfie as well as the back camera.

Green screen is one of the darlings of the crowd that likes to make videos more elaborate and fun, but what is a green screen? The name refers to a filter that offers several options for funds to use in videos created by the social network.


  • Remove background from image with two options, automatically background remover or manually background remover.
  • Remove background from camera video or remove background from video gallery.
  • Possibility to change the green screen, yes, you can change the green screen background to your favorite background.

How to use 

  • Open the remove video background app.
  • Click on the plus button.
  • The green screen app will automatically start, you will notice that your camera video background has been removed.
  • From the bottom left corner, click on the background icon to change the video background with color, gradient color, image, or even a video
  • One tap to save as image and hold tap to start recording a video.

The feature resembles the green background used in the film super heroes, for example, used as a scenario for people to act. The tool, as expected, is successful on the internet.