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Android App for Battery Charge Alarm

Full Battery Charge Alarm lets you know when your battery is fully charged, so you can unplug your phone/tablet. Stop unnecessary charging, take care of your device, save power and electricity.

New optional beta feature, low battery alarm/charge reminder (turn it on in settings first to use the feature), helps you charge your device on-time too.

With configurable alarm options such as alarm ringtone, you can customize the alarm the way you want it to be.

Designed with simplicity in mind to make sure it’s simple for everyone to use.

How to use

Open the app, enable the alarm, change the settings if needed (ringtone, vibration, etc.), that’s it.


  • Helps you unplug your phone/tablet on-time.
  • New optional bonus feature (beta): Low battery alarm/charge reminder (you can enable this & configure the percentage in settings).
  • Set custom alarm ringtone (in the app settings), or disable sounds for the alarm.
  • Use or disable vibration for the alarms.
  • Material design looks.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • No bloat/unnecessary features.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Free
  • 3-in-1 Alert Alarm
  • Customized Alarm Ringtone
  • Estimated Remaining Time
  • Intelligent Theft Parameters
  • Easy Setup and Use

Get an Alarm Ringtone as Alert for Free when your Battery Indicator is “FULLY CHARGED” and “CRITICALLY LOW” to protect your Smartphone from problems like Overcharging, Heating, Hanging, Low Battery Backup, Draining, etc.

Also, safeguard your Mobile Phone from being stolen away while Charging with an Intelligent Anti Theft Security Alert Protector. Without your authentication, no one can STOP the Alert Alarm.

Battery Charge Alarm is an app that helps you charge your device to a specific battery level. You can set an alarm that will go off when the device is charged to the desired level. 

Once you set the battery alarm, a stand-by screen is shown with a view on the current battery charge, and a dotted line showing the charge required before you will be alerted to stop charging your phone.

Just tap on the CHARGE ALARM to get things done. After that, it will notify you whenever your battery charging will reach 100%. You can also change the default alarm tone and tweak other things. For that, just go to Settings and check corresponding options.